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The Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA) has been serving its members since 1877. WPS Health Insurance has served people with Medicare since Medicare began in 1966.

Because of this shared history of service, WPS Health Insurance is the Preferred Partner for Medicare supplement insurance plans offered to ISBA members. Take a closer look at our Medicare supplement insurance:

  • Freedom to choose any doctor in the U.S. who accepts Medicare
  • Midwest-based customer support
  • Historically stable rates and valuable coverage1
  • Fitness center membership, at no extra charge2
  • Vision and hearing discount programs2
  • Optional dental coverage

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1Based on historical approved Wisconsin standardized plan rate increases. 2Fitness, vision, hearing, and wellness programs are not part of the insurance policy, are offered at no additional charge, and can be changed or discontinued at any time. Fitness and wellness programs are not included with Medicare supplement cost-sharing plans (Plans K and L). The ISBA incurs certain costs in connection with this plan. To provide and maintain this valuable membership benefit, it is reimbursed for these costs. ISBA also receives a fee for the license of its name and logo for use in connection with the plan.

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