Customer Resources

Customer Survey

1. How long have you been a customer of our health plan?

2. When selecting a health care provider, were you able to find a provider meeting your cultural, ethnic, and/or language needs?

3. Are you able to find benefit information on the WPS Health Insurance website?

4. Did the information you received clearly describe the following:

a. The services, procedures, and items covered in the policy?

b. The noncovered services, procedures, and items in the policy?

c. How to find health care providers in your network?

d. Potential restrictions, such as network, service, or benefit restrictions?

e. How to use your pharmacy benefit?

f. How to authorize (or give consent to) another person due to HIPAA?

g. How the health plan uses and discloses your Personal Health Information (PHI)?

5. If you clicked on any of the links above, do you now understand the information?

6. Would you like additional information?

Is your doctor in your network?