It’s time to celebrate YOU!

WPS appreciates you!

On Customer Appreciation Day, WPS would like to thank you for trusting us to help care for your health. Our goal is to make health care easier for you, our loyal customers. Watch these personal thank-you messages from some of our team.

Father hugging daughter

WPS cares

We want you to live a happy, full life. Taking care of your health is more than just going to the doctor. There are things you can do every day to help keep your body and mind healthier. Because we care, we’d like to share some resources to inspire you to eat healthier, reduce stress, and have a little fun!

10 Under 10, 10 Recipes for Under $10 with 10 Ingredients (or Less!)

We want to help you eat healthfully

“What’s for dinner?” Do you dread this question? Planning healthy meals that you and your family will enjoy can be a challenge. That’s why we’re sharing this special resource from the American Heart Association for 10 healthy recipes for under $10 with 10 ingredients. Download this free resource today and discover how easy and delicious cooking healthy can be!

WPS Coloring Book

We want to help you play more

It may seem frivolous, but daily playtime is just as important for adults as it is for kids. Play—engaging in an activity purely for enjoyment—can boost creativity, lower stress, and help sharpen problem-solving skills. Download our coloring page, grab some colored pencils or markers, and get into the creative flow!

We want to help you stress less

If you have trouble slowing down your racing mind (or heart), you’re not alone. It can be difficult to unplug, but reducing stress is important to your physical and mental health. Here’s a quick, easy, and effective meditation you can do anywhere that can help you slow down and remember to breathe.

Thank You

Thanks for being a WPS customer! We appreciate you and wish you good health, on Customer Appreciation Day and always.