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Medicare is a valuable benefit, but it doesn't pay for everything. If you have Medicare alone, there's a chance you could be left with a real burden of covering the 20% that Medicare usually leaves behind. Our Medicare supplement insurance plans, from The EPIC Life Insurance Company, help reduce these out-of-pocket costs when you need medical care. With our Medicare supplement insurance, you get Midwest-based customer support that is ready to help you.

The EPIC Life Insurance Company Medicare supplement insurance offers:
  • Freedom to visit any doctor, specialist, or facility that accepts Medicare
  • Less paperwork and fewer worries with our automatic claims service
  • 2% premium discount if you and another member of your household enroll1
  • 2% discount when you enroll in automatic bank withdrawal
  • Vision and hearing discount programs, plus a fitness membership through Silver&Fit®, at no additional cost2
  • Discounts on chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy, and much more through ChooseHealthy®2

Services included for every customer

To make our Medicare supplement insurance plans even better for you, we’ve added new services3 you can use at no additional cost. They are provided directly to customers as an extension of our efforts to help fight medical identity theft and fraud related to medical services and payments. Identity theft and fraud do not have boundaries or geographical limits. These crimes can happen to almost anyone. We want you to have help within easy reach if you become a victim, so that you can get hands-on assistance. Because we care. These services are not a part of the insurance policy and enrollment is subject to contract renewal.

Don’t be a victim. This service reviews offers you receive to see if they may be fraudulent, researches organizations for legitimacy, compares offers to known scams and phishing schemes, and provides a report of the assessment. These precautions help reduce the chances of you inadvertently providing funds or sensitive information to a con artist.

You can submit any of the following solicitation types to the service via email and/or phone:

  • Emails
  • Websites or web links/URLs
  • Flyers or postal mailings
  • Phone calls or voicemails
  • Text messages

Specialists review and research any unfamiliar solicitation to give you guidance on the probable legitimacy of the solicitation. In just 24 hours, they’ll scrutinize your submitted message for signs of fraud, do research on the organization, compare it against known schemes, and get back to you with a written assessment of the level of legitimacy of the message you submitted.

Want to know more?

For more information on this service, call us at 1-888-915-1965.

Each year, millions of Americans are victims of identity fraud. This protection program offers 24/7 customer assistance and full-service resolution if you should become a victim of identity theft. The list of services includes:

  • Opt-out services. The service provides support in removal from pre-approved credit card offers, direct mail campaigns, and marketing phone calls that can increase the risk of identity theft.
  • Affidavit submission. If your identity is compromised, you get a pre-populated identity theft affidavit to dispute any fraudulent claims or activity. Assistance is available to complete the affidavit. When it is completed, our service submits the affidavit to the appropriate authorities, credit bureaus, and creditors on your behalf.
  • Credit information review. Our service will help you review all pertinent credit information and history to determine if fraud has occurred, explain factors that could have contributed to the identity theft, and provide instruction on measures to avoid further incidents.
  • Creditor notification and follow-up. Our service will contact the creditor’s fraud departments with itemized account statements to dispute each fraudulent occurrence on your behalf. The service continues to follow up with creditors until each matter is properly handled, all while keeping you abreast throughout the entire process with status reports. The service also assists with the notification to all three major credit reporting agencies to obtain a credit report and provide direction on placing fraud alerts on your records.
  • Emergency cash advance and travel arrangements. If identity theft occurs while traveling more than 100 miles away from home, you can get an emergency cash advance of up to $500. The service also assists with making emergency travel arrangements, including airline, hotel, and car rental reservations.
  • Three-bureau credit freeze assistance. Should there be the need to block all new credit activity on a credit file, the service works with you to place a freeze on your credit records with the major credit bureaus.
  • Lost wallet assistance. The service can assist in notifying the appropriate bank or issuing authority to cancel and replace stolen or missing items, such as debit/credit card(s), driver’s license, Social Security card, and/or passport.

Want to know more?

For more information on this service, call us at 1-888-915-1965.


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My name is Kristin Younger, and I’m passionate about educating individuals about Medicare. I enjoy taking a program as complicated and overwhelming as Medicare and simplifying it to help seniors feel more comfortable and confident about their coverage decisions. I have been fortunate to spend much of my career (10+ years) in Medicare at Wisconsin Physicians Service Insurance Corporation, the parent company of and plan administrator for The EPIC Life Insurance Company, where our customers are family.

As a licensed insurance agent for The EPIC Life Insurance Company here in Florida, my goal is to share the values that have helped provide our Midwest customers with financial and medical security since Medicare began in 1966. I offer free informational seminars/webinars on your Medicare options as well as no-cost consultations to help you learn more about coverage and costs.

When I am not guiding customers through the complexities of Medicare, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two dogs here in Florida, where every day is summer.

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1Two or more individuals who reside together in the same dwelling. Dwelling is defined as a single home, condominium unit, or apartment unit within an apartment complex. 2Fitness, vision, hearing, and wellness programs are not part of the insurance policy, are offered at no additional charge, and can be changed or discontinued at any time. For the most current listing of fitness centers or select YMCA locations, please view the online directory by visiting Services that call for an added fee are not part of the Silver&Fit® program. The Silver&Fit program is provided by American Specialty Health Fitness, Inc. The ChooseHealthy® program is provided by ChooseHealthy, Inc. Both are subsidiaries of American Specialty Health Incorporated (ASH), a national provider of fitness, health education, musculoskeletal provider networks, and health management programs. Silver&Fit and ChooseHealthy are registered trademarks of ASH and used with permission herein. The Silver&Fit and ChooseHealthy programs are not included with Medicare supplement Plans K and L. 3Fraud and identity theft services are not a part of the insurance policy and enrollment is subject to contract renewal. The service provider is not responsible or liable for the availability, safety, accuracy, or effectiveness of the techniques, products, tools, or resources used by the service provider in its ScamAssist service and your access and use of ScamAssist is entirely at your own risk.

Medicare supplement insurance coverage is guaranteed renewable and can only be canceled for nonpayment of premiums or material misrepresentation. Coverage may be limited to Medicare-eligible expenses. Benefits vary by insurance plan and the premium will vary with the amount of benefits selected. Depending on the insurance plan chosen, you may be responsible for deductibles and coinsurance before benefits are payable. The amount of benefits in the policy corresponds with the premium amount. These policies have exclusions and limitations; please call your agent/producer or the insurer for complete details of coverage and costs.

Pre-existing conditions limitation: You are not covered for pre-existing conditions until after a six-month waiting period. A pre-existing condition is a condition for which: (1) medical advice was given from a physician within six months prior to your effective date; or (2) treatment was recommended or received from a physician within six months prior to your effective date. However, you will not have a waiting period for pre-existing conditions if on the day preceding your effective date under this policy, you had a continuous period of creditable coverage of at least six months. If your continuous period of creditable coverage was less than six months, we will shorten the six-month waiting period by the time served under the prior coverage.