Level-Funded Health Plan

    WPS Level-Funded Health Plan

    A turnkey level-funded solution for Wisconsin businesses

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Many businesses want more control over their health insurance costs but do not know how to go about it. The WPS Freedom Essentials plan makes it easy. This turnkey solution offers smart level-funded options to help groups with 10-99 employees save money on their health plan.

  • The employer funds the health plan and makes benefit decisions.
  • WPS takes care of the claims administration.

This innovative level-funded group health plan offers smart options to help employers save money while making it easier to follow all the complex rules and regulations.


Quality Improvement Program

The Quality Improvement Program drives organizational improvement for excellence through efficiencies, increasing the competitive advantage, and building trust and recognition in the community to improve the health status, safety, and satisfaction of our customers.

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  • Health Care Provider Networks

    WPS offers employers a broad variety of network options, so you can choose coverage matching your goals and preferences. WPS forms partnerships with health care providers that benefit our customers.

    WPS Statewide Network
    • Coverage in all Wisconsin counties
    • More than 25,000 health care professional service locations
    • 175+ hospitals and surgery centers
    • Available only with WPS Health Insurance health plans
    WPS Select Plus Network
    • Coverage in 50 Wisconsin counties
    • More than 7,000 health care providers
    • 49 hospitals
    • Available only with WPS Health Plan health plans
    The Alliance’s Smarter Networks℠

    • Offers access to major hospitals, health systems, and physicians in northern Illinois and in southern and south-central Wisconsin
    • Available only with WPS Health Insurance health plans
    First Health Wrap Network
    • More than 1 million health care professional service locations
    • 6,000 hospitals
    • 130,000 ancillary facilities
    • Available with both WPS Health Insurance and WPS Health Plan health plans
    • WPS Network

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