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iExchange® makes prior authorizations faster

WPS offers a FREE online service for providers to speed up prior authorization requests: iExchange. This online portal lets you electronically submit prior authorization requests for inpatient and outpatient services directly to WPS 24 hours a day, seven days a week. iExchange also offers the ability to attach medical records to the request, which expedites review time.

If you’re not using this tool yet, you should! Some of the benefits of this service include:

  • Direct, electronic submission that is secure, traceable, and less hassle than fax, paper, or phone
  • Easy attachment of medical records to requests
  • Bidirectional communication throughout the lifecycle of the request
    • Add notes, attach documents, add services, request extensions
    • Treatment Update functionality provides real-time status updates

iExchange offers quick turnaround times on requests, which your patients will love! Requests that are submitted electronically can be completed quickly, thanks to the administrative efficiencies of iExchange. To maximize this turnaround speed, please remind your team to include their name and contact information so that WPS can process requests promptly.

Interested in additional training or have questions?

  • Review our iExchange web-based educational tutorials
  • Once you are logged into iExchange, you can easily access the IExchange Online Help and Index by clicking on the Help link and then expanding the Users Help section.
  • Email with questions

WPS is always looking for ways to improve our services to you. If you have ideas about how we can improve your iExchange experience, please email

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