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WPS Community Manager is a full self-service tool and allows your office to self-register for EDI as well as to self-manage your account details. This includes the external users' ability to create their own accounts, register for lines of business and transactions, and retrieve and submit agreements.

If you are an existing Trading Partner, in order to access your account, you will need to be invited through a Campaign email that will be sent to the account Super User.

When you are ready to begin using WPS Community Manager, please email Community Manager and indicate you are an existing Trading Partner requesting your initial access.

If you are a provider that will be utilizing a clearinghouse, you are not required to register for WPS Community Manager, you will utilize the Provider EDI Self-Registration forms located on our Forms page.

If you are a new Trading Partner who will be submitting directly to WPS from your office, you will need to register for a WPS Community Manager account. In order for you to set up an account in WPS Community Manager, you will need to complete an initial registration process and complete the necessary request forms and business agreement(s).

To begin the registration process, please go to EDI Express Enrollment

Note: if you experience system access issues and WPS Community Manager pages do not load correctly, please ensure that your ISP or network service vendor does not have firewall policies that block the following ports by default:

  • 16811 for Community Manager registration and self-service
  • 16705 for one-way SOAP (real-time) authentication
  • 16707 for two-way SOAP (real-time) authentication
  • 22 for SSHFTP file transfer

Browser Compatibility: While WPS Community Manager supports various web browsers, it has been our experience that using Internet Explorer (IE) may not provide a full level of performance for this application. We have experienced better performance using browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. We suggest you try using several different browsers to find the highest level of performance.

Once registered, you will have the ability to assign additional users from your corporation, add or change contact names and email addresses, and reset passwords. Your account will also allow you to determine which transactions you’ll be submitting and/or receiving, and for which WPS lines of business. Dependent upon your corporation’s structure, you may find a need to enroll for multiple Submitter IDs, and will have the ability to manage them all from one single account.

Note: All registrations will be completed by the user and include:

  • The initial registering of the Company/Corporation
  • Enrollment of:
    • Submitter IDs
    • Lines of business
    • Transactions
    • Providers
  • 16707 for two-way SOAP (real-time) authentication
  • 22 for SSHFTP file transfer

This product also contains a portal for submission and retrieval of EDI transactions and it is called WPS Gateway Express.

WPS Gateway Express is a transmission portal for easy submission/retrieval of transactions and acknowledgements with reporting and statistics.

If you have questions regarding access to WPS Community Manager (WPS Gateway Express), please contact our EDI team.

We look forward to working closely with all of our Trading Partners to provide excellent EDI service and support today and into the future.

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