Administrative Services Only (ASO)

    WPS Administrative Services Only (ASO) Health Plans

    Self-insured plans for Wisconsin and Northern Illinois Businesses

What is ASO?

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Business owners do things their own way. Flexibility and cost competitiveness are important to keep a business growing in a competitive marketplace. When it comes to self-funded health plans, you want a plan that offers the coverage your employees need, helps keep them healthy and productive, and manages rising health care costs. With employer self-funded health plans, the employer funds the health plan and makes benefit decisions.

The WPS Freedom Flex group health plan offers a wide variety of coverage and administrative options for groups of 25 or more enrolled employees. You can choose from multiple network options for regional, statewide, and nationwide coverage. Flexible stop loss insurance options are available to help protect your organization against unexpected claims. There are many medical management products to help your employees handle diverse health conditions.

Two powerful Wisconsin companies, WPS and Auxiant, are teaming up to bring top-tier options to self-funded employers across Wisconsin. Together, the companies will provide you with seamless administration services.

Customer service is the heart of who we are at WPS. We pride ourselves on being live, local, and friendly. We serve customers with a personalized approach: listening to their needs, resolving their issues, and guiding them through the challenges of health coverage and health care.

Self-funded groups have complex needs, and WPS is here to support them with high-quality group service. Group leaders get the efficient, friendly claims management services of WPS and have access to a billing specialist, a dedicated account manager, and enrollment help.

WPS’ Medical Management helps improve the health of customers, reduce health care costs, and prevent customers from rising up the risk spectrum. We educate and help customers self-manage their symptoms to achieve these goals. Medical Management includes a comprehensive suite of programs to address diverse health needs across employer group populations.

  • Utilization Management program helps ensure customers receive appropriate, high-quality care. Our team of specialists partners with employers and customers, assisting them in navigating the complex health care system to get great care at high value.
  • Care management program identifies customers with different risk factors and helps them through programs best suited for their health condition(s). This helps workers to return to work faster.
  • Chronic condition management is critical to managing the health of a population, and WPS has developed a rigorous and flexible program to address these needs.

WPS employs a comprehensive set of tools and processes to help ensure a group is only paying for the services for which it is responsible. And we help verify the group is paying the right amounts for those services. WPS performs a variety of checks, audits, reviews, and investigations to help ensure the group’s health care dollars are spent wisely for the highest value.


  • Health Care Provider Networks

    WPS offers employers a broad variety of network options, so you can choose coverage matching your goals and preferences. WPS forms partnerships with health care providers that benefit our customers.

    WPS Statewide Network
    • Coverage in all Wisconsin counties
    • More than 25,000 health care professional service locations
    • 165 hospitals
    • Available only with WPS Health Insurance health plans
    WPS Select Plus Network
    • Coverage in 50 Wisconsin counties
    • More than 7,000 health care providers
    • 49 hospitals
    • Available only with WPS Health Plan health plans
    The Alliance’s Smarter Networks℠

    • Offers access to major hospitals, health systems, and physicians in northern Illinois and in southern and south-central Wisconsin
    • Available only with WPS Health Insurance health plans
    First Health Wrap Network
    • More than 1 million health care professional service locations
    • 6,000 hospitals
    • 130,000 ancillary facilities
    • Available with both WPS Health Insurance and WPS Health Plan health plans
    • WPS Network

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