Small Business Health Insurance

    Your small business deserves a health insurance plan that delivers value

    HMO, POS, and PPO Insurance Plans for Wisconsin Businessess

WPS small group plans are available in a range of coinsurance and copay options that meet your employees' needs and protect your bottom line. Our prescription drug benefit features tiered copayments to maximize cost efficiency and value. You can offer your employees a choice of up to four benefit designs, each with a different combination of deductibles, copays, and coinsurance. You fund the base plan, and your employees can buy up to higher-cost options if they wish.

Complete coverage, flexibility, and Wisconsin-based customer support for your small business:

  • Extraordinary network flexibility. Visit our Networks tab to learn more.
  • 100% coverage for in-network preventive care.
  • $0 copay on select preventive medications1—See plan for details.
  • Discounts at fitness centers nationwide through Active&Fit Direct ProgramTM2.
  • Telehealth services from our approved telehealth provider.
  • Deep online health resources from educational articles and self-help tools to a comprehensive health encyclopedia.

1Preventive drugs include specific supplements, contraceptives, immunizations, and other preventive drugs ranked A or B by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. 2The Active&Fit Direct program are provided by American Specialty Health Fitness, Inc., a subsidiary of American Specialty Incorporated (ASH). Active&Fit Direct are registered trademarks of ASH and used with permission herein. If you think an employee might be unable to meet a standard for a reward under this wellness program, the employee might qualify for an opportunity to earn the same reward by different means.

    Plan Types

    HMO, POS, and PPO Insurance Plans for Wisconsin Businessess

  • Person at working
  • HMO plans offered by WPS Health Plan deliver value through easy in-network access to health care providers and a primary care practitioner to help employees coordinate their care.

  • POS plans offered by WPS Health Plan provide versatility that allows employees to use in-network or out-of-network health care providers while still relying on a primary care practitioner to help manage their care.

HSA-Qualified High-Deductible

Health Plans Available A high-deductible health plan features a low premium and can be paired with a Health Savings Account (HSA) that lets employees budget and pay for qualified medical expenses using tax-free dollars. An HSA acts like a personal savings account, except the money is used exclusively for medical expenses. Funds roll over from year to year, and the account moves with the employee, providing a sense of security. For more information, view our HSA FAQ

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Plans Point-of-Service (POS) Plans Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plans
Definition A managed care health plan that covers care provided by in-network health care professionals. A managed care health plan that covers care provided by in-network and out-of-network health care professionals. A managed care health plan that covers care provided by in-network and out-of-network health care professionals without referrals.
Primary care practitioner (PCP) required No No No
Referral required to see a specialist Yes, you can see a provider outside the network. However, it may cost more unless you get an approved referral. Yes, but you will need an approved referral to have the same coverage if you see a nonparticipating provider. No
Out-of-network No, except for emergencies. Yes, but may cost more. Yes, but may cost more.
Advantages for customers Lower premium. Lower out-of-pocket costs. Care coordinated by a PCP. More flexibility. Advantage of HMO pricing with out-of-network coverage. Broadest choice for care. No referrals required.
Flexibility Low Medium High
Cost $ $$ $$$
  • Plan Materials

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    Choosing a health plan for your business is a major decision, and WPS wants you to have the all the information you need to make an informed one. Our Plan Materials page has plenty of resources to help you make an informed decision about plan basics, special features, network options, prescription coverage, plan summaries, and much more. A few examples include:


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Have questions about what different types of coverage have to offer your business? Our explainer videos can help you understand the basics of group health plans.

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