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Claims Payment Update

Effective Aug. 15, 2016, WPS Health Insurance and Arise Health Plan will modify how frequently claims are paid and paper checks released. Our current process finalizes and pays claims daily. This cycle does not allow WPS/Arise Health Plan to implement additional quality checks and rectify known errors. The result is inappropriately denied claims, claim payment errors that require reversal refund requests, and inappropriate errors requiring your staff to submit corrected claims.

We believe we can reduce errors requiring intervention on your part, while still remaining one of your fastest payors, by implementing a 10-day delay from the time of receipt before claims are paid. We will use this time to run additional checks, better match our prior authorizations, and reduce the number of resubmission refund requests that burden your offices. Checks will now be released each Friday following the paid date, while ACH (Automated Clearing House) and electronic payments will be released daily.

Please share this information with appropriate staff in your organization. If there are questions regarding this upcoming change, please contact Customer Service at 800-765-4977.

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