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Active&Fit Direct™ program

Whether you’re ready to kick-start your exercise routine or just looking to level up, you’ll have access to the Active&Fit Direct program. You can choose from 10,000+ participating fitness centers and select YMCAs nationwide for $28 a month (plus a $28 enrollment fee and applicable taxes).

The program offers:

  • Online directory maps and a locator for fitness centers (available on any device)
  • A guest pass to try out a fitness center before enrolling (where available)
  • The option to switch fitness centers to make sure you find the right fit
  • Online fitness tracking from a wide variety of popular wearable fitness devices, apps, and exercise equipment

To sign up or learn more about the Active&Fit Direct program, log in to your WPS customer account. Once logged in, click on the link for Customer Resources, then click on Active&Fit Direct. This program is not available to our WPS Medicare Supplement insurance customers.

How to Enroll in the Active&Fit Direct Program

  1. Log in to your customer portal. Then, select the Active&Fit Direct link.
  2. On the Active&Fit Direct page, you can check out participating fitness centers in your area using the search field.
  3. When you’re ready to enroll, click the blue Save Now button.
  4. Read the statement as well as the terms and conditions, then check the boxes indicating you understand and agree. Then, click Continue.
  5. Complete the required information to create your account. Check the box to agree with the terms and conditions. Then, click Continue.
  6. Fill out the payment information and then click Pay to make your initial payment.
  7. After you’ve paid, you’re all set up and ready to use Active&Fit Direct at a participating fitness center near you!
  8. After your account is set up, you’ll be welcomed back every time you sign in to your online account.

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