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Identification (ID) Cards

Your Identification (ID) Card

Your ID card categorizes your information into manageable, easy-to-read tabs. The front of the card includes your ID number and group number, as well as pharmacy information, network choices, and any dependents also on your plan.

Be ready to show your ID card each time you visit a doctor or specialist. If your health plan has an office visit copay, you will be asked to pay that amount at the time of service.

Understanding Your Customer ID Card

Important tips to remember:

  • Carry your ID card with you at all times
  • Present it when you receive any services
  • Notify Customer Service if your ID card is lost or stolen
  • Do not let anyone who is not specified on your plan use your ID card—it’s illegal!

To request a new or additional ID card, please log in to your online account and fill out an ID Card Request. You can also call Customer Service at the number shown on your card or 800-765-4977, and 888-915-2493 for WPS Administrative Services customers.

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