Pregnancy/Maternity Benefits FAQ’s

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Pregnancy/Maternity Benefits FAQ’s

Check your Summary Plan Document for your maternity health care coverage.

A provider must confirm pregnancy, then coverage begins with your next prenatal visit. Prenatal visits include weight, blood pressure, fetal heart tones, history, physical exam and routing chemical urinalysis.

  • Breast pumps are typically covered in full by your health plan. To learn more about your coverage, please call the Customer Service number on your customer ID card.
  • You may receive your pump through the mail or at a durable medical equipment (DME) supplier.
  • Suppliers may carry different brands of pumps. If you are looking for a particular pump it is recommended to call several suppliers.
  • If you would like to know what DME suppliers are in your network, please call the Customer Service number on your customer ID card or search for a supplier online using our Find A Doctor search tool.
  • Featured Online Option: Order through Edgepark to receive the pump by mail.
    • Order at any time and you will receive it one month before you are expected to give birth.
    • Visit, select the state you live in, then select WPS as your insurance provider. You will then be able to browse their products.
    • Have your insurance card and health care provider information handy at checkout!

Search on our Find a Doctor tool to search for doctors and facilities in your network.

Log into your customer account at View your Schedule of Benefits and other information including your claims history.

You will want to add your newborn as soon as possible to your insurance plan. If your coverage is through your employer, work with your Human Resources department to obtain coverage.


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