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Maternity Program

A Case Management program for pregnant mothers

The WPS Maternity Program encourages and enhances the pregnant customer's relationship with their doctor by providing education and support, seeking to improve health outcomes for both parents and their infants.

Why the WPS Maternity Program?

  • Help members understand their health care benefits
  • Help members better manage their personal health care needs and risk factors during and after pregnancy
  • Inform members about community and technical resources that can help meet their individual needs
  • Support optimal maternal and infant outcomes by promoting evidence-based perinatal care
  • Reduce pre-term births by lowering risk factors and improving access to education for perinatal care
  • Reduce neonatal intensive care (NICU) admissions for infants
  • Eliminate barriers to health care for better health outcomes for mother and infant

Who can participate?

Pregnant members of any WPS health plan may participate in the Maternity Program at no extra cost.

How to enroll in the program?

Contact an Integrated Care Manager at 800-333-5003.

Have other questions?

Visit our Pregnancy/Maternity Benefits FAQ’s page.

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