Payer-to-Payer Exchanges

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Payer-to-Payer Exchanges


If you are a current or former customer of WPS Health Insurance/Health Plan (collectively, “WPS”) and would like WPS to exchange your clinical health data with another Payer, e.g., your new health plan, you can submit a request for WPS to share or obtain your clinical data directly with the Payer you designate.

WPS will work with the Payer to transfer your clinical health data electronically upon receiving your consent


WPS will work with Payers to establish a secure connection to complete the successful exchange of a WPS customers clinical data upon receiving directed consent from a WPS member.

To get started, click here to email the WPS Health Insurance Interoperability Team to submit a request

Emails will be responded to during normal business hours Monday–Friday, 7:30 a.m.–5 p.m. CT

Note: CMS has delayed enforcement of the requirements pending further guidance. Please click here for FAQs and we will provide more information when it's available.

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