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EDI website modifications

We have recently revised our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) website for ease of navigation. The new site will allow you to search by each of the WPS unique lines of business:

  • Medicare EDI
  • WPS Health Insurance EDI (includes Arise Health Plan, EPIC Specialty Benefits, & Family Care groups)
  • Veterans Affairs Patient-Centered Community Care EDI

Other enhancements include:

  • Centralized location of all online EDI enrollment forms.
  • Enhanced version of our Five Easy Steps to electronic claim filing.
  • Rolling message board for improved awareness of current events and updates.
  • Easy access to our EDI Connection, which is a list of our current approved clearinghouses, billing services, and vendors.
  • EDI definitions
  • A list of Receiver and Payer ID codes by line of business

Check out all of the changes at EDI. If you have questions, please contact the EDI department at 800-782-2680.

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